Business Building


Learn the basics of how to earn money within the compensation plan.  Your business is built on duplication.  Learn, earn, and then duplicate!

Customer Sharing Bonuses

& Launch Bonuses

Learn the first way to earn income by acquiring customers.

Build A Team (JEEP)

Jade is the building block of your business. Create a Jade factory, helping as many individuals as you can reach the position of Jade.

Referring Life Agent

Learn the third way to earn income by referring individuals to complete their Blue Number Analysis and setup their customized wealth plan.




The #ShareIt Process

Learn how to properly grow your team with our teams amazing #ShareIt for #LikeIts and #LoveIts system

Promoting Events

One of the most powerful tools in building your business is to both attend and promote events within your team.


After reaching JADE your journey takes another step forward as you now need to know essentials on supporting your team members.  These trainings coupled with our events will help you do just that.
Learn specific techniques on how to help your new #LoveIts explode out of the gates in those critical first 10 days.

Leading Your Group

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